Super Super Hot

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Game description

Let’s heat things up with Super Super Hot, a fabulous slot game, which will appeal to you from the fist second you start playing it. It is a renewed, inventive version of the first slot games that have ever appeared, and it will surely interest people who have been playing slots for a long time. Still, it is suitable for all sorts of players, and its neutral design, oversized, funky fruits and engaging song theme, are going to make this game experience truly entertaining.
Also, it is very easy to play Super Super Hot because, being a three lines slots game, it does not present any intricate connections or tricky rules. You just need to establish your bet and the number of lines, which can be up to five, and then get ready to win the big bucks. The symbols need to form one winning combination, and you will be immediately awarded.


To start playing SLOTS, start the game, choose your betperline value, the number of paylines you want to play and press SPIN.
Total bet is equal to betperline * lines(active paylines). Total bet will be deducted from your balance upon pressing SPIN.
Total win is calculated based on the sum of the wins from each active payline. Total win will be added to your credit balance after all win line animations are completed and/or after the COLLECT button is pressed.

-Auto(Autoplay): will automatically SPIN and collect using the current number of lines and betperline, until your credit balance will not allow another SPIN, or until the limited number of 25 auto play spins are completed, or until the STOP button is pressed.
-Fast Play: will enable you to play very fast spins, where the duration of spinning each reel will be reduced to half. Compatible with Autoplay;
-Info: will open the paytable and game info page;
-Bet per line: the amount you will wager for each active payline;
-Lines: the number of paylines on which you will wager the betperline;
-Exit: will exit the game and redirect to main casino page;
-Max Bet: will set the betperline to maximum possible value and active paylines to maximum number of lines;
-Credits: your current balance, in credits;
-Win: represents the amount you have currently won from the active paylines;

If the symbols form a winning combination as per the paytable, on one of the active paylines, you win!
Payline winnings vary according to the amount of betperline and the combination of symbols achieved. The winnings for each set of symbols are listed on the paytable, inside the game.
Only the highest winning combination on each active payline is paid.
Simultaneous wins on different active paylines are all added to the credit balance.
Payline wins are multiplied by the amount bet per line.

1.Game Client crashes that happen during the reel spin will result in a completed gameplay and the win shall be credited to the player account(if there was a win). The results of the gameplay can be viewed in the gameplay logs.


The available paylines for this game are:

The payouts for any symbol can be viewed by clicking on the symbol from the game screen.
The paytable on the right side of the game screen always shows the actual symbol payouts multiplied by the bet per line.
SYMBOL 3 of a kind