Crown and Anchor Dice game

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Game description

If you adore the sea and you enjoy dice games, then you will definitively be mad about the Crown and Anchor Dice. This is a fantastic dice game with a nautical theme that dates back to the 18th century, when it was extremely popular. Now, this modern version tries to reconstruct the original game and presents several original features, such as the nautical soundtrack and the gaming table, which is actually a barrel with a sea background. The game is really easy to comprehend and super fun too.
There is a board with six equal spaces and each one features a different symbol: an anchor, a crown, a club and a heart, spade or diamond, and each one of the six faces of the dices is used to match these symbols. The game begins when the player makes his bets on the table, and the dices are rolled. The player wins if the bets that he has made match the faces of the dice, and if there are no matches, all the bets will remain at the banker.
Nevertheless, you shouldn’t back down because sooner or later you’ll be in luck. When that happens you should be prepared to win big time.


Play begins by placing a bet on any of the board s symbols. Players can choose as many symbols as they like. The dices are rolled after bets are placed and PLAY button is pressed . If the symbols that were bet on match the face of any of thrown dice, the player wins the bet. If there are no matches, the banker keeps all wagers.

A single dice matching a symbol pays even. If two dice match, the payout is 2-1. If the banker rolls a triple and the dice match a symbol with a wager upon it, the banker must pay three times the wager.