Quest for the Holy Grail Hi Lo

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Game description

Prepare to test your strategy and logic abilities by playing Quest for the Holy Grail Hi Lo! This game introduces to you an entirely new version of the overly popular hi lo games that are played in casinos on the internet. Now, it features a captivating medieval theme, including dragons, knights, and the mystical artifact, the highly desired Holy Grail! By playing this game, you will be transported back in time, to the medieval age, and the entire playing experience will be much more engaging than if you have played a regular hi lo game. And, there is also an entertaining, joyful soundtrack, which matches perfectly the theme of the game, and will keep the players’ interest alive.
Furthermore, the rules for playing Quest for the Holy Grail Hi Lo are extremely simple. It is mainly a logic game, where you need to guess if the next number is lower or higher than the previous one. For this, you can use your instinct or calculate the probabilities, so if you are good at math or if you trust your guts, your winning chances are huge. Likewise, at the end of the race, a treasure is waiting for you and lots of prizes. By guessing all the right numbers you receive the Holy Grail.


Hi Lo logic based game. Guess if the next number will be HIGHER or LOWER than the previous one to advance.Finish a line of obstacles to get the treasure.Finish all the lines to get the Holy Grail.