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Getting Started with Online Bitcoin Casino - dreamlandcasino.com

Follow some steps below to get started and enjoy the best online bitcoin casino experiences with Dreamlandcasino.com

1.       Sign up with online bitcoin casino

a.    Provide us with your detailed personal information in the sign up form in www.dreamlandcasino.com

b.  We recommend you to use Gmail account with 2-step verification enabled as your email details in order to give the best protection to your casino account. Learn how to activate 2-step verification

c.  Watch this Registration Tutorial with Dreamlandcasino.com

2.  Deposit  and get casino bonuses

a.      After signing up with Dreamlandcasino.com, it’s time to deposit and enjoy our world-class casino experience and earn from it.

b.      Dreamlandcasino.com provide Bitcoin as their payment method – learn how to make BTC wallet – 1 BTC equal to 1000 points

c.   Purchase bitcoin from bitcoin exchangers. Find out our solution for your casino payment.

d.   From the deposit menu in your login, complete the deposit form and fill the bonus code to receive unlimited deposit bonus. Watch the deposit video tutorial "How to deposit Bitcoin with The Best Online Bitcoin Casino - Dreamlandcasino.com"

e.      Your account will be credited by your deposit + bonus as soon as your payment is received


3.       Enjoy Our world class casino games

a.     Play all of our games from the slot machine games, roulette, blackjack, and many more to comes and earn from it


4.       Withdraw your casino profits

a.    Log in to your account, then click "Finance".

b.     At the finance menu, find the "withdraw" link. You will be directed to the withdrawal menu.

c.  From the withdrawal menu, complete the withdrawal form by filling the requested questions and withdrawal amount and your wallet address. As soon as you succeed in submitting the withdrawal form, you will be asked to confirm your withdrawal through the email. 

    Learn more - How to change your email setting to bypass the spam filter if you got a problem in receiving the confirmation email.

d.     After confirming your withdrawal, you just need to wait until your withdrawal. You will be sent an accomplishment email that inform your fund has been sent. Watch the video tutorial - "Withdrawal tutorial at Dreamlandcasino.com"