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FAQ of Online Bitcoin Casino at www.dreamlandcasino.com

Below are some FAQ or Frequent Answers and Questions of the online bitcoin casino dreamlandcasino.com. You can find many answers from the basic questions of registration, login, change details, bonus, deposit, and withdrawal.


·         How to open account in online bitcoin casino dreamlandcasino.com?

o    At our home page of www.dreamlandcasino.com, click the register button. Fill all the forms that are given, please make sure you read the term and agreement first. Watch Signup Tutorial at Dreamlandcasino.com

·         Can I open more than one account?

o  You are not restricted to open more than one account in the best online bitcoin casino - dreamlandcasino.com


·         Forget your password?

o  If your has forgotten your password, you can follow the instruction that is given by clicking “forgot your password?” in the http://www.dreamlandcasino.com

o  You will be sent an email confirmation for changing your password and you will be asked for some verification question, before your password will be reset, that will be sent automatically to your registered email shortly.

o  If you can't received the confirmation email neither at the inbox nor the spam folder for more than 10 minutes, please change your email setting to bypass the spam filter and then repeat the "forgot password" steps again.

·         Forget your username?

o   If you lose your username, then you can send a email request to our support@dreamlandcasino.com

Change details

·     Change your password?

o  Changing your password can be done after login to your account, at the login menu there is a link of changing your password. Please frequently changing your password to protect your own account

·         Update your personal details and email?

o  Update your personal details and email can be done in your login menu.


·         How to deposit?

o  Deposit to our casino can be done through Bitcoin after registering with us, make sure you already have the bitcoin wallet. Learn how to create a bitcoin wallet? and Learn how to deposit Bitcoin with Dreamlandcasino.com

o   1 BTC equal to 1000 points in our casino

·         What is the minimum deposit?

o  Minimum deposit is 10 points or equal to 0.01 BTC


·         What bonuses are offered and how to get them?

o   We offered deposit bonus & cashback bonus to all our customers

o   To receive the deposit bonus, fill the bonus code while depositing your fund with “deposit“. Learn more.

o  To receive the cash-back bonus, you need to send email to bonus@dreamlandcasino.com after your total bet amount increased every 100 points. Learn more

o   As you receive the bonuses, you have already agreed to our bonus agreements and terms

·         Can the bonus be unlocked?

o  As your account receiving a bonus, all your points will be locked until you finish fulfilling the wagering limit that is stated on your account menu. After fulfilling all the wagering limit, your points will be unlocked and can be withdrawn.


·         How to withdraw?

o    Go to the withdrawal menu from the finance at your login panel, then fill the withdrawal form.

o    Submit the withdrawal form and you need to confirm your withdrawal by following the link that will be sent to you as the confirmation withdrawal email as soon as you submit the form.

o    After you confirm your withdrawal, then you should wait for your fund and you will be sent a successful funding email after all of the process completed. Watch withdrawal video tutorial

o   If you had problem in receiving the withdrawal confirmation email from us, please set your email setting to allow our email bypass your email spam filter and contact our support as soon as possible.

·         How long will the withdrawal be proceed?

o    Your withdrawal process will not exceed in 24 hours working time after your confirm your withdrawal.

Problem Receiving Email from dreamlandcasino.com

·         Please check whether your email is correct or not

o    Go your login menu, find your email details whether it's correct or not.

o    If you find a wrong email, then you should contact our support as soon as possible.

·         Please check your inbox and spam folder 

o    Go your email account and find the email, you are refering to, at the inbox or the spam folder.

o    If you don't get the email for more than 10 or 15 minutes, you should change your email setting to allow our email bypass your spam folder - learn how to change your email setting - and then contact our support as soon as possible.

If your can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us or email us at support@dreamlandcasino.com.