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Online Bitcoin Casino Bonus Terms & Agreements at www.dreamlandcasino.com


Bonus promotions may be offered by online bitcoin casino dreamlandcasino.com to both new and existing players.


While receiving bonus, you have the right to cancel your newly received casino bonus before start using the points.


As you receive bonuses to your account, you agree that your cash will be locked until you complete the wagering limit.


The wagering limit is calculated by (sum of bonus and deposit) * 10. Ex: you deposit 100 points and claim bonus 100 points from 100% deposit bonus in your account, you will have to complete 200*10=2,000 points wagering limit.


As you have completed the wagering limit, all your cash and bonuses are unlocked and available for withdrawal.


Promotions may restrict the list of games that will contribute toward satisfying the promotion’s Wagering Limit Requirements.


The list games restricted to contribute toward satisfying the wagering limit are American Roulette 3D - table roulette and BlackJack Classic DELUXE - table card.


In the event that we, in our sole discretion, determine that a player is abusing, or otherwise acting in bad faith in relation to any bonus or promotion, we reserve the right to suspend a player’s account and/or withhold funds in a player’s account.


You agree that the bonus terms and agreements can be modified any time by us before prior notice.


We may, at our sole discretion, amend or modify any casino bonuses or promotions.


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to restrict eligibility for any bonuses offer to a limited category or subset of players.